Saturday, 3 October 2015

Windy Lizard - Down and Up the Other Side

Day Twenty Three - Porthleven to Cadgwith 27.9km (17.3 miles).
Time on route 9:00hrs, walking time 8:00hrs.

Sunday 27 September 2015
Day 23 map
I travelled down on Saturday evening so I had a fresh start on Sunday.  I stayed overnight in Helston then hopped on a bus for a short ride to Porthleven.  A very different harbour to the one I'd seen a couple of weeks ago as the tide was right out.
15 09 27 Day 23 1 Porthleven (2)
The gulls were all lined up on the seawall.  I enjoyed shoo'ing them off (am I mean?).
15 09 27 Day 23 1 Porthleven (3)
A few km out of Porthleven is Loe Bar. A sandbar separating the freshwater of Carmine Creek and the Loe from the saline waters of the English Channel.
15 09 27 Day 23 2 Loe Bar (2)
Looking back at it from the south it reminded me of Budleigh Salterton, south east Devon.
15 09 27 Day 23 2 Loe Bar (1)
Just before Church Cove another Sea King pottered past.
15 09 27 Day 23 3 Church Cove (1)
Looking back at Church Cove.
15 09 27 Day 23 3 Church Cove (2)
I had my first coffee stop at Poldhu Cove although realised how quickly I cooled down once I stopped moving.
15 09 27 Day 23 4 Poldhu
Once refueled I headed up the cliffs past the Marconi Monument. There is much evidence of this area's history of telecommunications - underwater cables, telegraphic communications and then (as glimpsed from my bus the following day) Goonhilly.
15 09 27 Day 23 5 Marconi
This Lizard was obviously quite well defended in the past. There is canon at Porthleven and I found another one at Mullion Cove.
15 09 27 Day 23 6 Mullion Cove (2)
Pretty well lined up don't you think?

It was yet another glorious day but with a fierce easterly. Between Mullion and Kynance Coves I espyed an artist who was having enough trouble standing upright; goodness knows how she kept her easel on terra firma.
15 09 27 Day 23 7 Artist
All these coves are so beautiful, Kynance included.
15 09 27 Day 23 9 Kynance Cove
Eventually, after over 20km, Lizard Point came into sight.
15 09 27 Day 23 10 Lizard Point (2)
I was struggling with my back by this stage so took time out for stop at the most southerly cafe on mainland Britain, Polpeor. Wonderful to get to 49° 57'N, 005° 12W. Did I mention it was windy?
15 09 27 Day 23 10 Lizard Point (7)
I was doing a two day walk and was booked into the Cadgwith Cove Inn so still had another 5km to do so off I trudged.
15 09 27 Day 23 11 Signal station
The wind was pretty much full in my face by now. Quite challenging after 20+ km and a slightly dodgy back. But I trudged on up and down, up and down, eventually arriving to a warm welcome at the Cadgwith Cove Inn. Had a lovely meal there and a great stay with a view of the sea and full moon from my bed.
2015-09-27 22.57.04
But even the eclipse of the moon could not wake me.

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