Sunday, 13 September 2015

iWait for iGeology

Day Twenty Two - Penzance to Porthleven 22.5km (14.0 miles).
Time on route 6:00hrs, walking time 5:25hrs.

Saturday 12 September 2015
Day 22 map
I was joined on today's leg by Roger, my husband.   He hasn't been able to join me for a while but fancied doing the Marazion section.  We parked at Penzance and headed off across the bay towards the Mount.  The weather had been forecast to be variable; but we hoped that the black clouds would hold off from drenching us whilst we were out. It was a flat, fast few km to the Mount.
15 09 12_1 Marazion (15)
The (low) tide was just turning as we walked past the exposed causeway.
15 09 12_1 Marazion (20)
Marazion is quite a touristy village and we didn't linger, but, as ever, I found some gems such as this gate with stained glass inserts.
15 09 12_1 Marazion (21)
And road signs indicating clearly the history of their usage.
15 09 12_1 Marazion (23)
As we passed St Michael's Mount the sun came out and we saw it in all its splendour.
15 09 12_1 Marazion (13)
And spotted someone taking time out for contemplation.
15 09 12_2 Perranuthnoe (2)
Walking with a companion inevitably leads to more coffee stops. Our first was at the delightful Cabin Beach Cafe; perched on a perfect cliff top spot at Perranuthnoe.
15 09 12_2 Perranuthnoe (1)
It also means you have to wait every-so-often whilst they photograph interesting artefacts. This is an arty acorn.
15 09 12_3 Prussia Cove (1)
Just before Prussia Cove you come across salvaged relics from HMS Warspite which ran aground nearby in 1947.
15 09 12_3 Prussia Cove (5)
I didn't expect to see very new thatch on a somewhat ramshackled dwelling. But there were plenty of reeds around so it was probably the most economical roofing material.
15 09 12_3 Prussia Cove (6)
Prussia Cove is named after the King of Prussia, a notorious smuggler. You can actually see the ruts across the beach: testament to the industrialisation of their nefarious activities.
15 09 12_3 Prussia Cove tracks
Just around the corner is Porth En Alss, the base for international music masterclasses. And if to prove it a guy strolled past with a cello case (and presumably cello) on his back.   No photo sadly.
15 09 12_4 Porth En Alls (1)
It is a a beautiful estate and as we passed it - marvelling at the wonderful stone walls - we were treated to a free piano recital.
15 09 12_4 Porth En Alls (5)
The next coffee stop was at Sydney Cove, the highlight of which was seeing a wedding party climb off the beach wobbling in heels whilst we tramped past in our unglamorous boots.  The local humour is alive and well.
15 09 12_5 Sydney Cove (3)
An interesting tree.
15 09 12_5 Sydney Cove (1)
Such beautiful foliage.
15 09 12_5 Sydney Cove (2)
And evidence of mining.
15 09 12_6 Trewavas Head (6)
15 09 12_6 Trewavas Head (4)
The geology of this part of the coast had a little surprise for us in the form of these seams.
15 09 12_6 Trewavas Head (1)
I took a photo and walked on. After a few minutes I realised I was no longer being followed. Where had Roger got to?
15 09 12_6 Trewavas Head too (2)
You can just about see him in the ferns taking what I thought to be an awful lot of photos. He stood there for ages.
15 09 12_6 Trewavas Head too (3)
It turns out he was playing with a British Geological Survey app - iGeology. You point the camera, it references your position, and 'ta dah' you have geology in front of your eyes.
15 09 12_6 Trewavas Head (1)
I've spotted a gap in the app market. There should be one called iWait. It needs to last at least a minute longer than the event you are waiting for so that you don't get impatient. Unfortunately I have a virtual iWait app in my head and it resets after 30 seconds. Oh hark at my impatience.

This section from Sydney Cove to Porthleven is quite strenuous with few flat parts and lots of up and down. Quite tiring after 17km. The tide was 15 mins off its highest at Porthleven and the strong southwesterly wind created a stormy harbour.
15 09 12_7 Porthleven (4)
The tide yesterday was 5.3m; two days off a spring tide of 5.4m so pretty much near its highest.
15 09 12_7 Porthleven (5)
The beam was down between the outer and inner harbour and all the boats were safely inside the still waters.
15 09 12_7 Porthleven (2)
A peaceful end to our day.  Well it would have been if we hadn't stopped for a drink in a pub watching the Man United vs Liverpool game...

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