Saturday, 3 October 2015

Into the Wind (Again) Lizard Style

Day Twenty Four - Cadgwith to Coverack 11.5km (7.1 miles).
Time on route 3:25hrs, walking time 3:15hrs.

Monday 28 September 2015
Day 24 mapping
When I do a two-dayer on the path I always load the distance upfront so I can have a leisurely start and shorter walk on the second day. After all, this is mean to be a fun hobby rather than a route march.
15 09 28 Day 24 1 Cadgwith (2)
So I had a relaxed breakfast and headed back up the cliffs from Cadgwith Cove.
15 09 28 Day 24 1 Cadgwith (1)
Interesting flora today.
15 09 28 Day 24 2 The path (1)
And beautiful wooded streams to cross.
15 09 28 Day 24 2 The path (2)
One of the things I love about the South West Coast Path is finding unexpected treasures. And this wonderful carved bench was just one such find.
15 09 28 Day 24 2 The path (3)
Looking onwards towards Coverack. Yet another walk with wind in one's face. So much for this being the 'sheltered side' of the Lizard.
15 09 28 Day 24 2 The path (4)
The eastern side of the Lizard Peninsula is quite verdant (which is the posh word for boggy I'm beginning to realise) and I was grateful for the occasional board walk.
15 09 28 Day 24 3 Coverack (3)
The nearer I get to the deep water anchorages of the Helford and Carrick Roads (east of Falmouth), the more of these mighty ships I'll see. This one wasn't going anywhere for today.
15 09 28 Day 24 3 Coverack (2)
Coverack is yet another wonderfully beautiful Cornish village.
15 09 28 Day 24 3 Coverack (4)
I dithered here. I had about 2 hours until the next bus and circa 6km to do to the next bus stop at St Keverne. It was a bit of a dilema; put my feet up for a couple of hours in the local pub or march on (still fighting a sore back) to the next stop. The pub won and I sat in a wonderful location, overlooking the sea, drinking tea and reading. Sometimes it's good just to stop.
15 09 28 Day 24 3 Coverack (1)
Anyway, next time it'll be a push on up towards the Helford River and a river crossing which I must complete by 31 Oct as the ferry then shuts down for a 6 month period. Can you imagine - 6 months without getting onto path? Horrendous!

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