Thursday, 22 September 2016

Addendum - River Avon

Day Thirty Four and a bit - Crossing the River Avon 50m.
Time on route 0:15hrs, sailing time 0:10hrs.

Wednesday 14 September 2016

The ferry across the River Avon is seasonal and this year finished on 17 September. So if I didn't get across I could either (a) walk the ~12km around the estuary or (b) just start from the Bantham side of the estuary. Neither appealed. So last Wednesday I drove down to Bantham and took the ferry across to Cockleridge and back.
20160914 Crossing the Avon 09.41.32
It was such a beautiful day.
20160914 Crossing the Avon 09.41.36
I walked down to the river and sat watching swans take off.
20160914 Crossing the Avon 10.04.45
The harbour master has many duties here, one of which is running the ferry from 1000-1100 and 1500-1600 in high season.
20160914 Crossing the Avon 10.11.37
The harbour master's dog, Ty, knew exactly where his spot was.
20160914 Crossing the Avon 10.06.03
Ty got uppity during the crossing back from Cockleridge as another dog joined us in the boat. Some barking and total disconsternation by Ty resulted in him hopping off the boat at the earliest opportunity and running around until the imposter dog had left.
20160914 Crossing the Avon 10.14.48
It was a gorgeous day and I'm glad I made the effort to pop down.  Now I'm clear for river crossings for the rest of the season.   March on Ruth, march on.

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