Monday, 30 January 2017

Against the Wind to Blackpool

Day Thirty Seven - Torcross to Stoke Fleming 8.7km (5.3 miles).
Time on route 3:00hrs, walking time 2:30hrs.

Thursday 19 January 2017
Day 37 map
It was a short day today as I needed to get home but I wanted to get some miles under my feet as, otherwise, the next leg is ~25km which is a tough one to manage with short daylight hours and public transport.  I drove to Stoke Fleming, parked up, and took the bus back down to Torcross.  These bus drivers are quite awesome, navigating their large double decker buses down these narrow roads.

At the south end of Slapton Ley is a US Sherman tank, one of the memorials along Slapton Sands to commemorate the many (mainly American) lives that were lost during Exercise Tiger in 1944.
2017-01-19_1 Slapton Tank
The wind was from the north east and strong so I wrapped up well and marched the 4km up the sands. No photos when it's windy dear reader(s).

The path then headed off inland and, with the low sun behind me, it make a striking shot.
2017-01-19_2 Strete
This is turning the other way looking south.
2017-01-19_3 Start Bay
I climbed up high criss-crossing the A379 getting slightly lost near Strete where the signs disappeared and my map didn't reflect the rerouting of the last couple of years.  Anyway, a little wandering up and down a field didn't hurt and I was back on path looking down on Blackpool Sands.
2017-01-19_4 Blackpool Sands
Nearing the beach is a pretty stone bridge.
2017-01-19_4 Blackpool Bridge 2
There was a wonderful teashop at Blackpool Sands, the Venus Cafe.  Just south of the Sands is a naturist beach.  Not that I saw much activity on a cold, windy day on January.  I mentioned to a friend recently that the cafe was wonderful to which he remarked "Nude beaches always have the best cafes".  I didn't ask him how he knew but it made me smile.  Perhaps once I've finished the Coast Path I should test his theory?

Anyway, a final push up, across the A379 again, to Stoke Fleming and the end of another day (half day) on the path.

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