Tuesday, 25 July 2017

More Trains - Up the Exe

Day Forty One - Maidencombe to Starcross 17.6 km (10.9 miles).
Time on route 6:45hrs, walking time 4:45hrs.

Monday 17 July 2017
Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 22.04.14
To start our walk we caught a taxi to Maidencombe as I'd had a major fail on reading the bus timetable (irritating).  Anyway.  We set off in the sun for an initial 'moderate to strenuous' section towards Shaldon.  Around Commons Plantation the path is covered by windswept trees.
2017-07-17 _2 Around Commons Plantation
At Bundle Head I came across an old foe.  Being in company I felt terribly brave and walked within a few metres of these beasts.  Alone I would have given them a far wider berth.
2017-07-17 _3 Bundle Head 07
The path provides a wonderful view of Teignmouth as you drop into if off The Ness.
2017-07-17 _4 Teignmouth view
There are two routes across the River Teign.  The official one being the Shaldon/Teignmouth ferry and, if that's not running due to bad weather, the road bridge.  Fortunately the ferry was running so we hopped on board for the 10 minute trundle across the river.
2017-07-17 _5 Shaldon Teignmouth Ferry 29.41
Our skipper was really interesting and chatted to us whilst we traversed about how suddenly the environmental conditions can halt the ferry (standing waves, spring tides, high wind etc).  Fascinating.
2017-07-17 _5 Shaldon Teignmouth Ferry 35.34
Looking back as we left the boat.
2017-07-17 _5 Shaldon Teignmouth Ferry 40.21
We stopped in Teignmouth for a drink and to catch up on work.  As it was Monday meant that emails were coming in thick and fast, so we stopped for a while to keep our business alive and kicking before the next leg.
2017-07-17 _6 Teignmouth lunch 10.30
Martin, being South African, found this local hot chocolate name quite interesting.  Zuma = hot chocolate?  There's a sniff of racism to be read into that.
2017-07-17 _6 Teignmouth lunch 02.15
As we left I noticed the local Teignmouth art - very creative.
2017-07-17 _6 Teignmouth art
The tide was high but not so bad to prevent us walking the Teignmouth to Dawlish seawall, which is frequented by the Penzance to London trains.
2017-07-17 _7 Teignmouth to Dawlish
Looking down on Coryton's Cove near Dawlish.
2017-07-17 _8 Dawlish 05.35
And then up and over into Dawlish.
2017-07-17 _8 Dawlish 10.06
This was in interesting pavement demarcation on entering Dawlish.  It delineates where TDC, Torbay District Council stops and NR starts.  I'm just not sure what NR is.
2017-07-17 _8 Dawlish 12.05
We had a late lunch in Dawlish (more emails to answer...) and then headed off towards Dawlish Warren.
2017-07-17 _8 Dawlish
Once you reach Dawlish Warren the path follows the main road, albeit it on a separate footpath for some of it.  But it's flat and fast.

The tide was out at Cockwood Harbour.
2017-07-17 _9 Starcross
Shortly we arrived at Starcross railway station.  I can see the next leg of my journey, the ferry across to Exmouth, but that's for another day.  ;-)
2017-07-17 _9 Starcross end

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