Sunday, 5 October 2014

Short and Sweet to Port Isaac

Day Twelve - Tregatta to Port Isaac 12.4km (7.7 miles).
Time on route 3:15hrs, walking time 3:15hrs.

Saturday 04 October 2014
Day 12 map
Logistics were a bit tricky for this leg.  I left the car at Camelford and took a bus to Tregatta.  It was only a few 100 metres to rejoin the coast path.  As I neared it I broke into a smile - "I'm back" I grinned.  I am hooked by this walk; I adore being by the sea and this path gives me both that and an adventure to be part of.  But each time I start a leg, the first glimpse of the sea, and the first footsteps on the path are the best.
14 10 04 Day 12 1 Trebarwith Strand (1)
The weather forecast heavy showers until midday with strong winds easing off in the afternoon.  I was fortunate that by the time I stepped on the path, at 1005, the rain had passed.  I was togged up with waterproof coat and gaiters which felt odd after months of lighter clothing.  My gloves stayed on all day.  The path was a tad skiddy under foot in places but not significantly as it's been dry for so many weeks.  The snails and slugs were scooting around enjoying the damp ground.
14 10 04 Day 12 1 Trebarwith Strand (2)
For the first time I looked towards the next headline.  This is Rumps and Pentire Point which I'll round on my next stage.

I had once again chosen a short stage to walk.  The guide book suggested that this short leg, circa 13km, would take quite some time due to 8 valleys in which to descend/climb out of.  Indeed the book said it could take up to 5 hours from Trebarwith Strand which was my first climb.
14 10 04 Day 12 1 Trebarwith Strand (3)
Similar to the leg south of Crackington Haven, this was a remote section of the path and the type of route I prefer.  Due to the inclement forecast I actually only passed one couple on the course of the route: most unusual.

The valleys were beautiful to traverse.
14 10 04 Day 12 2 Backways Valley (1)
Part of the route was described as "precarious" and not to be undertaken by those suffering from vertigo.  Sounds like my sort of thing then.
14 10 04 Day 12 3 Tregardock Cliff (1)
And it's not remotely scary.  This actually is only Cornwall, not Striding Edge or anything really nerve wracking.  Not that I am foolhardy.  You can fall off anything.
14 10 04 Day 12 3 Tregardock Cliff (2)
I liked this wee bridge.
14 10 04 Day 12 3 Tregardock Cliff (4)
Unlike previous walks, as the winds were strong the waves were crashing rather than lapping at the shore.  I much prefer it that way.
14 10 04 Day 12 4 Nr Delabole Point
A collapsed tunnel.
14 10 04 Day 12 5 Collapsed Tunner at Delabole Point
Cormorants on a windy promontory.
14 10 04 Day 12 6 Clifff Top (2)
Before I knew it Port Isaac came into sight.
14 10 04 Day 12 7 Port Isaac and Port Gaverne
And I strolled up through Port Gaverne.
14 10 04 Day 12 8 Port Gaverne
I arrived in Port Isaac in under 3 hours from Trebarwith Strand.  I suspect that because I hadn't walked on the Friday I was fresh and hence faster once again.  I had missed the 1305 bus to Camelford by 15 minutes and the next one was at 1620.  How annoying.  I considered pressing on but (a) the wind was still very fierce (b) the bus route I needed passed the coastpath a few km off the route so I would have to walk 5km then an extra 2km to a remote bus stop by a road.  At the end of the day I knew that I could stay warm and get home if I flopped in Port Isaac for the few hours.  So I did.
14 10 04 Day 12 9 Port Isaac (3)
Port Isaac is a lovely place to wander for a couple of windy hours.
14 10 04 Day 12 9 Port Isaac (5)
I walked through the smallest passage in the world (? - or so the local noticeboard declared) locally known as Squeeze-ee Belly Alley.
14 10 04 Day 12 9 Port Isaac (4)
I also found a benchmark on the old school.
14 10 04 Day 12 9 Port Isaac (2)
A few shops and cups of tea/coffee later I caught the bus back to Camelford. I was glad I hadn't pushed on; I'd recommend a few hours wandering in Port Isaac to anyone.

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